Extremely Disconnected

Conversation & Listening Activity

Discuss the questions below with a partner or in small groups.

-Would you consider a digital detox for a while- no social media, no smartphone, no email?
-How would you feel about one whole day without using any technology?
-How hard would it be? Too extreme? Doable?
-What would you do? How would you spend it? Describe it as best as possible, from dusk till dawn!
-Would you do it for charity, for a good cause, or as a promise? Why (not)?

A Tech Vacation: Listening Segment
NPR -  2.43 min

Listen to the report on an experiment with digital detox, and answer whether the statements that follow are TRUE, FALSE or NOT MENTIONED.  Please account for those which you think are false.

1.Most people are able to do it.
2. The experiment involved disconnecting from phone and TV.
3.Disconnecting from music is one of the hardest part.
4.People were allowed to watch the news in case of an emergency.
5.Technology attachment can be compared to an addiction.
6.For Tasha Wallis of Morrisville, Vermont  it was easy to do it during her vacations.
7.Someone claims to have spent his vacation in a cabin without TV or Internet but checked email in town.
8.One person thought about keeping the iPhone in a safe for 24 hours, but couldn’t do it.

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