The Space Station Gets A Coffee Bar

Discussion & listening activity

How do astronauts eat in space?
Is eating in space the same as eating on Earth?
Do astronauts eat the same foods we do?
How do astronauts make sandwiches?
How do astronauts drink?
What if astronauts want ketchup on their meat?
Can you eat chips in space?

Research the answers to these and other questions on

NPR Report - Length: 2.59 minutes

Listen to the report and mark the statements below as TRUE or FALSE. Correct the mistaken ones.

1.At the International Space Station nothing is considered more precious than water.

2.Nasa sent an espresso coffee maker to the station.

3.In space all they've got is instant coffee.

4.There’s an Italian austronaut on the station who likes his coffee very strong, with foam on top.

5.Three companies got together and created an espresso maker for space, called ISSpresso.

6.The coffee maker looks like a box, bigger than a toaster but smaller than a microwave.

7.The machine has been tested to work in zero gravity.

8.Some think it will be also a great occasion to meet and have a coffee on the space station.

9.For the astronaut who manages the space station's food supply,
the capsules will produce a lot of trash.

10.Once astronauts get a taste of espresso, the machine will have to stay.

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