Technology in the Kitchen

Vocabulary & listening activity

Gadgetry: (N) appliances, collection of gadgets.

A)Make a list of all kitchen gadgets, big and small, that you can remember.
Which are the most/least useful?

B)Listening Segment: Engines of Our Ingenuity by Andrew Boyd - Episode 2452

Audio length: 3.49 minutes

1.The kitchen is...
a)the most used room in your home    b)the room where we spend most time  c)the room with most gadgets

2.Which gadgets are mentioned in the first part of the audio?
a) dishwashers and coffee makers  b)freezers and microwave ovens  c)cheese graters and coffee machines

3.In the history of gadget design... a) most  b)some  c)few   did not survive the new technologies

4.“From Hearth to Cookstove:Gadgets and Utensils Made or Used in America from 1700 to 1930”  is the name of
a)a TV show b)a radio show  c)a book

5.A historical gadget called an “ale boot” was used to a)clean your shoes b)warm your beer  c)store boots

6.A “fly fan” was used for... a)keeping flies away  b)frying flies  c)catching flies

7.The “toast fork” was the predecessor of...
a)the grill  b)the electric oven  c)the toaster

8. By 1874, existed over eighty patents for...
a) tools for mashing potatoes  b)apple peelers  c) egg beaters

9. According to an article in the New York Times, by 1890 who had filed 2400 patents?
a)housewives  b)women engineers  c)women cooks

10. Our kitchens are filled with...
a) history and innovation  b)creativity and ingenuity  c)passion and necessity

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