Music in our speech - Idioms

Vocabulary Activity - Idioms related to MUSIC

English has several idiomatic expressions related to music. These are a few popular ones.

BE CLEAR AS A BELL: to be very understandable.
BE FIT AS A FIDDLE : to be very fit and healthy.
BLOW ONE'S OWN HORN/ TRUMPET : to praise oneself, brag or boast.
FACE THE MUSIC : to accept the consequences of doing something wrong.

FOR A SONG : to get, buy or sell something at a very cheap price.
IN TUNE / OUT OF TUNE : in agreement, according to harmony / discordant, not harmonious.
IT'S NOT OVER UNTIL THE FAT LADY SINGS : to not speculate about something until it is completed. This phrase comes from the opera.
JAZZ ( something ) UP : to make something more interesting or lively.
MARCH TO A DIFFERENT DRUMMER : to follow one's own ideas rather than being influenced by others; to be a bit eccentric.
MUSIC TO MY EARS : good news; information that makes someone happy.

PLAY BY EAR : to play a piece of music without looking at the notes; do something without much preparation.
RING A BELL : to sound familiar or  think you've heard it before.

Complete the following sentences with words related to the idioms above:
1.His suggestions are always a bit ______________  with reality.
2.When I heard the song, some of the verses ____________ but then I realized there are many similar lyrics.
3.Tom often _________ his gray suits with colorful ties.
4.The team is not going to support us; they always ___________  .
5.Even if the campaign was a success, let's wait for the real figures. It's not ______________.
6.Jan is always at the gym but with all the fast food he eats I don’t  know how he can say that he’s _________ .
7.Marty says she finds it difficult to __________ because she is shy.
8.Jimmy will have to ___________ when his mom asks him who broke the window.
9.We haven't had time to prepare for the meeting. We'll have to _________
10.I thought I was getting this teeshirt _________, but I found out it has a little stain. That’s why its price was 50% off.
11.It was __________ when our instructor said the test would be after the holidays.
12.The walls are so thin that we can hear the neighbors talking as _________ . 

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