ANSWERS - The Saint Patrick's Issue

ANSWERS: Green Celebration

emigrate- leave from a country to move to another
century- 100 years
pinch- to squeeze something, to hurt someone by squeezing their skin with your finger and thumb
shamrock- a plant with 3 leaves
pub- bar/ tavern, a place to drink beer or other alcohol
parades – march in the street, usually with a band and people in costumes or special dresses.
marathon- a long running race (like a 10K run)

True or False
1.F 2.T 3.T 4.T 5.T 6.F

ANSWERS:Dublin: Vibrant City
bright - will - liveliness - people - accesories - fashion - walking -
rest - right - jump - lucky - between - didn't - fishing - fresh -
do - perhaps

ANSWERS: 10 Reasons to visit Ireland / b.friendliest / c.biggest /d.highest
e.biggest / / g.fastest /h.most spectacular

ANSWERS: Irish Blessings

“May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.”

ANSWERS: In Short...

1.celebration/ 2.ribbons / 3.pinched / 4.shamrocks /5.parades / 6.dye

7.Ireland / 8.legend / 9.captured / 10.slave / 11.angel / 12.monastery / 13.miracles / 14.snakes

15.fairy / 16.tricky / 17.mischief / 18.pot of gold / 19.eye / 20.vanish

ANSWERS: Saint Patty's Crossword

ACROSS: 2.Celts 4.Britain 6.Sheppard 8.shamrock 10.emerald 12.parade
DOWN: 1.Dublin 3.leprechaun 5.Ireland 8.snakes 9.rainbow 11.March

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