Saint Patty's Crossword - The Saint Patrick's Issue

Check how much you know about Saint Patrick's now! Many of the words have appeared in the previous exercises this issue.

2. People who lived in ancient Ireland.
4. St. Patrick's place of birth.
6. St. Patrick's job when he was a slave.
7. Color to wear on St. Patrick's Day.
8. Irish clover.
10. Ireland's nickname: The _________ Isle.
12. You might see one of these on the street on St. Patrick's Day.

1. Ireland's capital.
3. A small fairy in Ireland.
5. The country where St. Patrick's Day originated.
7. If you are lucky, a leprechaun will show you a pot of this.
8. In stories, St. Patrick banished these reptiles from Ireland.
9. The pot of gold is hidden at the end of this.
11. The month of St. Patrick's Day.
(activity developed by Chris Gunn)

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