Answers - The Genius Issue

Steve Job’s Speech at Stanford University
Part 1:a) Part 2: c) Part 3: a)

The Engines of Our Ingenuity
First Listening : B E G A D C F Second Listening: 1.their tools 2.The art of making things 3. 2.4 million years ago 4. They teach us 5. They invented themselves. 6. We interact with one another.

The Stuff Of Genius: Velcro
1. He was born in 1907 2. He loved going outdoors 3. He found small hooks and tiny natural loops 4. He founded a company to sell it 5. Because he created an invention that became succesful 6. Because Humanity could survive without velcro 7. Because a lot of new products surface because of velcro

Invention Trivia Quiz:
1.aspirin in 1897 2.Coca-Cola in 1886 3.Life Savers in 1912 cream cone in 1904 5.Potato Chips in 1853 6.Frisbee in 1950

Passive Voice exercise:

1.perfected 2.established 3.seen 4.painted 5.built 6.formulated 7.discovered 8.begun - finished 9.drawn

Crossword Past Participles:
Across: 2.bought 3.slept 5.fallen 6. gone 7. begun 8.given 9.sat 10.hidden 11.made13.known 17.understood 19.lost 20.driven 21.spent 22.broken
Down: 1.written 2.been 3.seen 4.thought 5.forgotten 9.swum 12.done 14.won
15.left 16.told 18.taught 21.sung

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