Green Celebration - The Saint Patrick's Issue

Elementary - reading activity

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17. It is not a public holiday (we have work and school). It's just a fun day.

Many Irish people have emigrated from Ireland to the United States and other countries over the last few centuries. They took St. Patrick's Day with them.

Today in America people enjoy St. Patrick's Day by wearing something green. In fact, if you don't wear at least one small green item, school children may pinch you.

Probably the most common symbol for this holiday is the shamrock. Many people wear a shamrock design on St. Patrick's Day because it is supposed to bring good luck.

On this day many also enjoy going to a pub and drinking beer. They tell jokes and have a good time. Some cities hold parades or marathons, like the famous Saint Patrick’s Parade in New York City. It's not a very big holiday, but it can be fun for the people who want to enjoy it.



1-bar/ tavern, a place to drink beer or other alcohol


2-a green plant with 3 leaves


3-a long running race (like a 10K run)


4-to squeeze something, to hurt someone by squeezing their skin with your finger and thumb


5-leave from a country to move to another


6-100 years


7-march in the street, usually with a band and people in costumes or special dresses.

True or False?

1. St. Patrick's Day is an official holiday.

2. People go to work and school on St. Patrick's Day.

3. St. Patrick's Day comes from Europe.

4. People wear a special color on St. Patrick's Day.

5. A shamrock brings good luck.

6. Some people meet to drink whisky.


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