Dublin: Vibrant City - The Saint Patrick's Issue

Video Activity
Length: 1 minute

Watch the video and complete the script with the missing words.

The vibrant city of Dublin. And it's not just the _______ lights of Temple Bar that _______ dazzle you, it's the _______ of castle market. Real, friendly lot of _______ here. Honest! They sell jewelry, _______ and fresh produce too.There are the cafes and the little _______ boutiques. They are all within _______ distance. But that doesn't mean you won't want to _______ your feet.
Because _______ amongst the hassle and bustle you can _______ into a real oasis of calm.
If you are _______, you'll find the tranquil gardens hidden _______ Dublin Castle and the Chester Beatty Library. And in case you _______ know, Dublin is by the sea.
Out of the _______ village of Howth, you'll find even more _______ food and more friendly Dubliners waiting to meet you.
And after all that you could probably _______ with something nice to eat, and a drink _______ ? Did we mention there's this place called Temple Bar?
Come on. Jump into Ireland.

Answers here!!

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