Hate your Job? Take a Vocation Vacation! - The Work Issue

Listening Activity - 8:46 min 

Have you ever thought about changing jobs entirely? A service offers curious job seekers mini-holidays in a new line of work.

Listen to the report from National Public Radio and chose the right option for each of the following statements.

1.At Vocation Vacations unsatisfied/satisfied workers can test out a career.
2.You can chose among about 150/1500 different jobs.
3.A client can/can’t suggest a job to try.
4. Mr. Kurth, the owner implies the radio host might be/might not be a good singer.
5.They can/ can’t get close to what someone wants to explore.
6.The experiment can/can’t be compared to a test drive.
7.Usually/Sometimes people realize that isn't their dream job after all.  
8.Actor is/isn’t mentioned as one of the possible careers listed on the web site.
9.Usually/Often people say they don’t do their dream job.
10.They have had close to 100/1000 people making the switch.
11. People want/ don’t want to pay the price for the experience.
12.A lady who participated in the program entered the music business/the hotel business.
13.In her old job she felt more/less valued.
14.In her old job there was more/less camaraderie

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