Work Idioms - The Work Issue

Study the list of phrases and their meanings and fill in the blanks in the exercise below 

all in a day's work : nothing special, part of the routine
all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy: Idiom meaning that you need to have fun in order to be a happy, healthy person
dirty work : Necessary, but uninteresting, or difficult work
get down to work : Stop relaxing, focus on important task
get worked up over something : become angry or annoyed about something
out of work: unemployed.
make short work of something : do something quickly
throw a monkey wrench in the works : cause a disturbance in something that seems clear.
workaholic: someone addicted to work.
work it out:  solve it, try to agree            
work like a horse : work a lot, work very hard
work my fingers to the bone: work so hard that I become thin and weak         
work out :succeed, go as planned.        
work out: exercise to become fit or to prepare for competition.       
work out for the best : eventually finish well
work something off : lose weight
work wonders: be especially good, excellent for a purpose.

Exercise: Complete the folowing sentences with an idiom from the list.

  1. I'm going running to... a few kilos.
  2. Go home and take a rest or do something fun! Remember: ...
  3.  Don't worry about the office problem. Everything will...
  4. I did all the... on that project and my boss took the credit for it. It's very frustrating.
  5. My partner and I disagree about this issue, but we can....
  6. The new paint looks fantastic. This shade of blue ... with the wood.
  7. There's so much to study I should turn off the TV and...
  8. Don't get... over such a small matter. We'll take care of it.
  9. Cooking as a routine may be boring but it is ....
  10. Did the recipe...? Did the apple pie taste good?
  11. I had to put in 16 hours dayly for the project, I ....
  12. I hate to ..., but don't you think we have made a huge mistake when we took this job?
  13. I... to help my business grow.
  14. I made... of the assignment and moved on to the next job.
  15. Come upstairs to see my new exercise room. I'll show you where I... 

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  1. Idioms are always interesting and amusing because of their symbolic meanings but some idioms are really tough to understand.
    Lilly, UK