How do we use the verbs make and do? - The Readers' Issue 1

Analize both lists and solve the exercise below

DO: good/ harm, your homework, the dishes / the laundry / the ironing, washing, cooking, etc. ,your best , your nails and hair ,everything over again ,your chores or housework ,a job ,a favor ,what you can/ want ,time (in jail) ,without.

MAKE: an apology ,arrangements ,a cake / breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, etc. , a difference , a dress/ clothes , a decision , a fuss , a list , a mistake , enquiries , a phone call , plans , money/ a profit , a report , an effort , an exception , your best/ the best of something , time , make up ,make your bed.

Exercise: Complete the folowing sentences with either make or do and the right verb form.

1.         How many times have you ______ the same mistake?    
2.         I'll be back after 7 this evening since I'm going to ______ the shopping.    
3.         I cannot find the time to ______ this job. I'll have to ask for help.    
4.         I'd like you to ______ more of an effort. 
5.         Studying hard often ______ a difference in your education. 
6.         Do you like this skirt? I ______ it myself. 
7.         I didn't win the competition but I ______ my best. 
8.         I'm ______ enquiries about flights to San Francisco. 
9.         I know she wants to help us but she's ______ more harm than good. 
10.      Could you ______ me a favor? 
11.      I couldn't believe he was ______ a fuss over something so trivial! 
12.      I don't promise anything but I'll ______ my best. 
13.      Could I possibly ______ a phone call? 
14.      Someone has to ______ a decision soon.  
15.      I don't see how we can ______ a profit in this market. 
16.      I've ______ all the necessary arrangements for the trip. 
17.      I don't usually eat sweets but in this case I will ______ an exception. 
18.      Where can I get my hair ______ ?    
19.      The marketing report was ______ by Carter. 
20.      Could you ______ your bed before you go to school?

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