When do we use Raise and Rise? - The Reader's Issue 1


RAISE / raised / raised is a transitive verb, which means that you need an object after the verb.
  • "I raised my hand"
  • "She heard a noise and raised her head from her book."

Synonyms: to lift something,to elevate,to increase.

Idioms: raise money (collect) raise a question (ask) raise children, vegetables, etc. (educate/cultivate)

RISE / rose / risen is an intransitive verb, therefore no object is used after the verb.
  • "The sun rises in the east."
  • "Transportation costs rose in March."

Synonyms:to be moved upward, to be moved upright from a lying, or sitting position.

Idioms: rise to a position (be promoted)

EXERCISE: Choose the right option to complete the sentences.

1.Hot air balloons ______.
raise - rise

2.You ___ a very good question about the importance of security in the big cities.
rose - raised

3.The sun has already _____ this morning.

4.The store around the corner ________ prices every week almost!
rises- raises

5.Our community ___ money for the victims of the hurricane.
is rising -is raising

6.John rarely ________ from the sofa when he's watching a soccer match.

7.He ___ to a management position in the bank.
rose- raised

8.She's ___ three children alone.
raised - risen

9.Unemployment ___ quickly in the metropolitan areas.
is rising- is raising

10.The people decided to ___  against the new economic policies.
rise- raise

11.Don't ___ your voice to me!
rise- raise

12.Lately the price of gasoline ___ by 17%.
has raised - has risen

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