Answers - The Winter Issue

Nigella Lawson - Winter Recipe Chicken Pot Pie

1.the best time in the kitchen
2.comforts me
3.some flour - cube -  milk
4.chicken - veggies
5.Friday   -   the weekend
6.ham    -    peas    -     crust
8.cover -  cut off -  slashes -  golden

How to Beat Winter Blues?
A) 1.T  2.F  3.F 4.T 5.F 6.F
B) 1.mood 2.scorching 3.chilly 4.lift  5.outdoors 6.basking 7.proven 8.blues 9.relief  10.overindulging

Sarah McLachlan: Song for a Winter's Night

is burning            falling            the silence          your voice
could                   to breathe      to hold                this winter's night
is rising                My glass       read                    you sent me
could know         were lonely    would be happy
night                   is dying          is growing            are lifting
steals                  are drifting

How It's Made: Fleece
1.1980's 2.recycled yarn/ material like plastic 3.every 2 minutes
4.inspectors 5.The material is washed and dried. 6.In big machines
7.To drain the rest of the water. 8.No, one is rough and the other is smooth. turn polyester into fleece. 10.twice   11.for insulation or to resist low temperatures.  12.with water, for resistance, fire proof. the clothing factory

Crossword: Winter Time
Across: 1. gloves 3. socks 7. snowflakes 9. warm 12. freezing 13. blizzard 14. chocolate 15. fireplace
Down: 2. scarfs 4. snowman 5. blankets 6. below 7. skiing 8. chilly 10. heating 11. windchill 12. frozen

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