Crossword: Winter Time - The Winter issue

Check your knowledge on popular winter terms.


1. You can wear_______________ for your hands. gloves
3. Winter is no time for sandals, we need warm _______________ and boots for our feet. socks
7. Under a microscope, _______________  have beautiful, unique designs. snowflakes
9. Winter is so cold, we have to find ways to keep ________________ . warm
12. When it's very cold, we say it's  _______________. freezing
13. A long severe snowstorm is called a _______________. blizzard
14. A delicious drink in Winter is hot _______________. chocolate
15. Some who live in houses can sit around the _________________. fireplace


2. People wear  ______________ for their necks. scarfs
4. When there is plenty of snow, children enjoy making a  _______________. snowman
5. In winter we usually throw a couple of _______________ on the bed. blankets
6. Some days the temperature can get _______________ zero. below
7. A popular winter sport is _______________. skiing
8. When it is uncomfortably cool outside, we say it's _______________ . chilly
10. We are very cold in the apartment because the  _______________ is out of order. heating
11. It's cold outside, and it feels even colder because of the _______________. windchill
12. Sometimes it is so cold that still water gets _______________ . frozen

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