How It's Made: Fleece - The Winter Issue

Video by Discovery Network:  5.01 minutes

Do you have a fleece sweater or jacket to keep warm this winter. How much do you know about the material?   Watch the clip and answer the questions below.

  1.      In which decade was polyester fleece invented?  
2.      What's the main component in fleece?
3.      Every how often is 3 feet of material produced?
4.      Who ckecks for flaws or problems in the material?
5.      What happens next in the process?
6.      Where is the material dyed or colored?
7.      Why do they twist the polyester later?
8.      Are both sides of the sheet similar?
9.      Why are spinning or rotating brushes used later?
10. How many times do they brush the material? twice
11. The process creates "airpockets" in the material, what for?
12. What tests are made on the material?
13. Where is the material finally transported?

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