Sarah McLachlan: Song for a Winter's Night - The Winter Issue

Complete the lyrics with one of the phrases/ words in the box. Then watch the clip and check your work.

to hold          falling       your voice          is burning         
is growing
you sent me      could          to breathe           were lonely
are drifting                could know                is dying
this winter's night         the silence              is rising         steals                 my glass           read            would be happy              night              are lifting

The lamp _________ low upon my tabletop.
The snow is softly ______.
The air is still in _______ of my room.
I hear _______ softly calling.
If I ______ only have you near,
______ a sigh or two.
I would be happy just ______ the hands I love
on _______ with you.
The smoke _____ in the shadows overhead.
_____ is almost empty.
I _____ again between the lines upon each page
the words of love ________
If I ________ within my heart,
you _______ too
I ______ just to hold the hands I love
on this winter's ______ with you.
The fire ______.
The lamp _____ dim.
The shades of night _______.
The morning light ______ across my window pane
where webs of snow are _________.

CHORUS: If I could only have you near to breathe a sigh or two,
I would be happy just to hold the hands I love
on this winter's night with you, and be once again with you.

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