How to Beat Winter Blues? - The Winter Issue

Read the article and complete the exercises below:

Although many of us find relief from scorching summer heat in winters, this is the season of mild to major depression and mood swings for many. This seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which causes low spirits to many people in winters is popularly known as winter blues syndrome.

The main cause of winter blues is hormonal imbalance due to lesser sunlight and low temperatures. Two hormones- serotonin and melatonin- get out of control resulting into seasonal depression. Serotonin is the activity hormone that gives us energy and melatonin is the sleep inducing hormone.

Light therapy is the best proven way to beat winter blues. Expose yourself to light by getting up early in the morning and basking in the sunlight for some time.

Other common cures are food high in sugar, which helps lift your mood -although overindulging may make you overweight. Also carbohydrates and fruits especially citrus fruits like oranges. Outside the food department, doing regular exercise and experiencing the outdoors are great options. As well as going for a walk with the dog or with a friend, and wearing bright colors like red. All will make you feel more energetic.

In any case, if winter seems eternal, remember the blues finish when the season ends. In the meantime, try with hot chocolate. Rich and thick with a touch of cinnamon or whipped cream, it can seriously turn up the heat on a chilly winter evening.

A)According to the text, are the following statements true or false?
1.Some people like winters and some like summers.
2.The excess of sunlight can make you feel depressed.
3.It is important to keep away from the food department to stay healthy.
4.Walking your dog can make you feel more energetic.
5. Light therapy is a form of quick psichological treatment.
6.For some people, the blues extend over spring and summer.

B)Find a word in the article for the following synonyms or definitions.

  1. feeling

  1. very hot

  1. cold

  1. to rise, elevate

  1. outside

  1. being exposed to warmth

  1. tested

  1. depression

  1. something that alleviates pain or distress

  1. allowing oneself excessive gratification


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