Libraries Grapple With The Downside Of E-Books - The Books Issue

Listening Activity -   length:  3.45 min

National Public Radio

Digital books are the fastest growing area of publishing. What’s the situation for public libraries?

Listen to the radio segment and answer whether the questions below are True or False.

  1. For libraries, digital books create benefits but also problems. 
  2. Libraries are lending both e-readers and digital texts.   
  3. You need to go to the library to borrow a digital text.
  4. One advantage is that digital books cut costs for libraries. 
  5. The late fee to return digital books is $2.
  6. Libraries buy the e-books from a company called Overdrive. 
  7. The demand for paper books is still high.
  8. Some major publishers won't allow libraries to lend their titles or charge double.

*Grapple (V.) = wrestle, struggle with.

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