Meet the Fastest Man in the World - The Olympic Issue

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter and the fastest man in the world. He broke three world records in the Beijing Olympics in track and field.

Watch the video and complete the following notes:

1.Usain Bolt holds the record for ... meters and .... meters.

2.He hopes one day to break the ... seconds for the 100meters.

3.He's coming back to London Olympic games after he was forced to cut short his last season due to a...

4.He stunned the world and his competitors at the Olympics in...

5.So far this season, his record has been ... seconds.

6.His aim right now is to get back on good ... get his ... right.

7. His ...  is Lighting Bolt.

8.Once upon a time running 100 meters in under ... seconds was considered herculean.

9.He’s far from the perfect sprinter. His runs still have flaws and he can do ...

10.Some people has called him ... but he says he’s just relaxed.

11.He says he enjoys track and field but he’s still young and wants to enjoy....

12. He’s not even .. years old

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