Answers - The Health Issue

Home Remedies
1. TRUE   2.TRUE  3.FALSE   4.FALSE    5.TRUE  6.TRUE

How To Make Healthy Eating Easier On The Wallet? Change The Calculation

1)T    2)F (they would pay for coffee)  3) T  4)T  5)F  (they are cheaper)  6) T
7) T  8) F (She says the opposite)

PART 2 :
1. impression  2. analyzed  3. conclusions  4. think   5. thinking    6. agree   7. says    8. jumps    9. assumes    10. translates      11. compared   12. find  13. skeptical   14. teaches   15. catches   16. tips    17. know   18. question  19. happen   20. thought  21. becomes  22. recommended

Can food make you smart?
1. 100   2.less omega 3 and more omega 6.     3.children
4.chips.    5. 86% had not eaten fish.    6.  fish oil
7.ability to concentrate.    8. half of them supplement containing omega 3 and the second half placebo from palm oil    9. very different.

Optimism is Good for Our Health
a.F   b.F   c.T  d. T    e. F   f. F   g.T    h.T  i.F

1.f   2h   3.k   4.c    5.j   6.d   7.e   8.g   9.a   10.i   11.m  12.b 13.l

The Medical Terms Puzzle 
Across  2.bruise 4.consult 6.sickness 9.fever 10.pain 13.disease 15.bandage 16.pain killer 20.toothache 24.appointment 25.wound 26.cold 30.sore throat
Down  1.medicine 3.flu 5.sprained 7.prescription 8.nausea 11.side effects 12.symptom 14.earache 17.nurse 18.shots 21.cast 22.examination 23.remedy 25.ward 28.headache 29.cough

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