The Tale of Stingy Jack

Listening activity - 3.05 min

Here is the 18th Irish folktale that reveals the tradition behind the Jack-o-Lanterns or the carved pumpkins with candles placed inside used around the Halloween season.

Stingy:  (adj) not generous or liberal spending money

Listen and answer the questions below.

1.What did Stingy Jack and the devil had together?
2.Why Jack didn’t want to pay?
3.What did the devil turn into?
4.Where did Jack put the devil? Why?
5.What two conditions did Jack put before he freed the devil?
6.How did Jack tricked the devil a second time?
7.How long did the devil promise not to bother Jack then?
8.What was Jack’s problem after he died?
9.What did the devil do?
10.What did Jack had to do with a coal?

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