Answers - The Lovely Weather Issue

Climate and Weather
1.A)Climate    2.B) Weather   3.A)6     4.B)Southern Europe.   5.B)Greenland
6.B)More hospitable climate   7.A)Technology   8.B) homes and crops   9.A) 11.4 billion dollars    10.A)Florida   11.B)save lives   12. B)Meteorologists   13. B)250   14.B)Weather Satellites   15. A)Yes    16) A) more ways to predict the course of the weather

Weather Instruments
1.cloudy 2.usually  3.treat  4.chaotic 5.technological 6.complete 7.familiar 8.rotates 9.daily  10.professionals 11.powerful 12.precise

a)precipitation b) forecast  c)device    d)whim  e)rely on  f)warning

1.barometer  2.wind vane    3.thermometer satellite   5. sling psychrometer   6.rain gauge  7.anemometer

Weather Idioms
1.cloudy/ clouds    2.air / rain   4. brainstorm    5.breeze         6. cats / dogs rain   8.lightning  9.rainy  10.windy

Weather Terms
1.g  / 2.b / 3.n  / 4.c / 5.f  /  6.l  / 7.a  / 8.d  / 9.j  / 10.i  / 11.m / 12.e  /  13.k  /  14.h
1.This afternoon, across most of Scotland.
3.There will be rain
4.In the west
5.There will be snow
6.In the northern islands and the north part of the country
7.It will be a cold day everywhere with temperatures of  (8C))
8.Probably winter

Weather Words
Across: drizzle, cloudy, thunder, fog, scorching, humid, blizzard, chance, front, snowy
Down: pouring, hailed, flakes,hurricane,tornado, breezy, lightning, chilly, freezing

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