Weather Words

Crossword Puzzle

4. A very thin rain is called a ...
5. We can't see the sun. the sky is really ...
6. I woke up with the noise of ... It was a heavy storm.
9. The visibility is very limited because of the ...
10. January in Rio the Janeiro is usually ...
11. The city is in a valley and it gets very ... and hot in the summer.
12. A ... is a severe snowstorm characterized by strong winds.
14. The weather forecast said there's a ... of rain tomorrow.
15. There's a cold ... coming from the north.
16. Tomorrow will be ... so the weekend will be perfect to ski.

1. It's better to wait until this rain is not so heavy. It's ... out.
2. Yesterday it ... and my car got a bit damaged.
3. Beautiful snow ... were falling in the morning. It was magical.
7. A ... is a tropical cyclone in the northern hemisphere.
8. A ... is a violently rotating column of air.
12. Near the ocean is very pleasant and ... in spring.
13. Throughout the night we could see flashes of ...
14. 43F is like 6C. It's a bit ... out.
15. In the northern pole it can get really ... even in 'warm' months.


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