Climate and Weather

Video Activity – National Geographic – 3.22minutes

What is the difference between climate and weather? Can we predict what the future will be like? What are the best areas to live?
Watch and learn how we are affected by natural forces around. 

Watch the clip and choose the right answer based on the report.


1.Which influences where we choose to live?  
A)Climate  B) Weather

2.Which influences what we will wear each day?
A)Climate  B) Weather

3.How many climate zones does the Earth have?
A)6  B)7     

4.Which area is described as mild and inviting? 
A)Central America  B)Southern Europe.

5.Which area is harsh? 
A)Northern Europe B)Greenland

6.In the past people settled in places with....
A)Hot weather   B)More hospitable climate

7.Today, humans can survive in all climates thanks to...
A)Technology  B) Evolution of the species

8.Severe weather can destroy...
A) industries  B) homes and crops

9.What is the yearly cost in weather damage in the US?
A) 11.4 billion dollars  B) 11.4 million dollars

10.Which place sees more of its share of floods, hurricanes and tornadoes? A)Florida  B)New Orleans

11.A warning of floods, tornados or hurricanes can... 
A)cut costs   B)save lives

12.Who uses powerful computers to create weather maps and models?
A)The Government  B)Meteorologists

13.Radars can detect rain up to how many miles away?
A)2500   B)250

14.What monitors precipitation, lightning and other conditions? 
A)Radars   B)Weather Satellites

15.Do scientists risk their lives to study tornados and other weather phenomena?
A)Yes  B)No

16)In the future we can expect...
A) more ways to predict the course of the weather   B)severe weather strikes


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