Answers - The What's Up Issue

UP, The Movie

Order the events
1.B  2.K    3.D    4.A    5. H   6.E   7. J   8.L  9. I  10.G   11.F   12.C

Missing prepositions
1.out  2.towards  4.down  7.on  9.for  10.out

Answers to discussion questions may vary as they are not objective.

Ad Script
Woman: We never saw eye to eye on anything.
Man: Anything.
Then we discovered the new 7up 10 has all the great taste of 7up
Woman:But with just 10 calories, so we now both get what we want.
Man: Both.
Woman: We couldn't be happier.
Off Voice: New 7up ten, great taste, 10 calories.
Get both.

Phrasal Verbs with UP

1.wake 2.makes 3.look 4.grow 5.speak  6.freshen 7.are  8.lining 9.tidy 10.make 11.fill 12.sums 13.make 14.dress 15.mess 16.dries 17.turn 18.split 19.speed 20.come 21.give 22.hang 23.set 24.pick 25.take

Upside Down 

1. Well they forgot
2. But in some ways they remain the same
3. There's no stopping curiosity
4. I'll find the things they say just can't be found
5. We'll sing and dance to Mother Nature's songs
6. I can't do everything
7. Things aren't always just what they seem
8. This world keeps spinning and there's no time to waste

1.waving 2.No, Russian men kiss their guests but women kiss only other Russians. Japan  4.No, they don’t.  5.a handshake Arab counries  7.No, they don’t. Europeans do.

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