Anyone Can Be A Foodie

Reading and vocabulary activity

Read the text below and solve the exercises that follow.

Known in previous decades as an "epicure" or a "gourmet", the foodie has become a highly democratic creature.

To be a foodie is not only to like food, but to be interested in it. Just as a good student will have a thirst for knowledge, a foodie wants to learn about food. A foodie will never answer the question "What are you eating" with "I don't know."

There are some basic traits of being a foodie, as there are basic traits that come with all labels. Generally, you have to know what you like, why you like it, recognize why some foods are better than others and want to have good tasting food all, or most of the time. This doesn't mean that you can't eat hot Cheetos every now and again, but it does mean that you don't fool yourself into thinking that it's a nutritionally balanced meal. Is it absolutely fundamental to know the difference between a beefsteak tomato and an heirloom tomato? No, but you might be interested to find it out. Do you have to only shop at farmer's markets? No, but you still look for good, fresh produce. Are there some foods you just don't like?  Or, do you happen to enjoy weird foods? That's ok. It doesn't make you any less of a foodie.

What really matters to a foodie is to constantly learn about food, maximize the meal experience and, most importantly, eat well.

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Find the phrase or sentence in the text  that proves the following.

a)A foodie always know the origin of his/her food.
b)There are foods that a foodie doesn’t like.
c)Sometimes a foodie can eat junk food too.
d)Everyone can be a foodie.
e)The main objective for a foodie is to enjoy food.
f)Taste is very important for a foodie.
g)Foodies don’t always know all the details about a product.

A)Match the terms and definitions.



b.Something used to identify something or someone, as a small piece of paper or cloth attached to an article




d.To increase to the greatest possible amount or degree; to make the most of something.

e.A sensation of dryness in the mouth and throat caused by need of liquid.


How are the terms used in the text? Transcribe the phrase or sentence where it appears and think of other examples of your own.







B)Find the phrase or combination of words with a similar meaning:

a)Almost always  :
b)A wish to learn or have information  :
c)The most important thing  :
d)Occasionaly  :
e)Extremely important  :

3.Reconstruct the text using the wordlist. Afterwards, compare your work with the passage above.

Do   Generally  No  That's   To    a    and    as    but    foodie   with
foods    for    good     go     happen     interested    it     like     matters
maximize   mean   most    not     of    question    shop    some    you
student    tasting     that    the    to    tomato   traits   what    yourself

Known in previous decades __ an "epicure" or a ""gourmet", the foodie has become _ highly democratic creature.
__ be a foodie is ___ only to like food, ___ to be interested in __. Just as a good _______ will have a thirst ___ knowledge, a foodie wants __ learn about food. A ______ will never answer the ________ "What are you eating" ____ "I don't know."
There are some basic ______ of being a foodie, __ there are basic traits ____ come with all labels. _________, you have to know ____ you like, why you ____ it, recognize why some _____ are better than others ___ want to have good _______ food all, or most __ the time. This doesn't ____ that you can't eat hot Cheetos every now ___ again, but it does ____ that you don't fool ________ into thinking that it's _ nutritionally balanced meal. Is __ absolutely fundamental to know ___ difference between a beefsteak ______ and an heirloom tomato? __, but you might be __________ to find it out. __ you have to only ____ at farmer's markets? No, ___ you still look for ____, fresh produce. Are there ____ foods you just don't ____? Or, do you ______ to enjoy weird foods? ______ ok. It doesn't make ___ any less of a ______.
What really _______ to a foodie is __ constantly learn about food, ________ the meal experience and, ____ importantly, eat well.

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