Healthy Food

Video and discussion activity

1.Answer the following questions and share your views later in small groups.

Where do you or your family go grocery shopping on a regular basis?

Do you prefer going to a large supermarket or to a small grocery store? Why?
Do you ever shop at the healthy food store?
What are typical things you buy on a regular basis?
Do you know how much do you or your family spend on groceries per week?
Do you ever buy at street markets or local producer markets? Why or why not?
What kinds of items would you find there?

2.Video segment 1 : Watch the clip and choose the best answer for the questions that follow.

Borough Market
Length:  2.51 min

1)Where is Borough Market located?
a.In London, next to Brooklyn Bridge    b.In Brooklyn, neaxt to Port Station
c.In London, next to Bridge Station

2)When is Borough Market open?
a.On Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays  b.On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays   c.On Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays

3)How many stalls can you find there?
a.250    b.150    c.50

4)How many stalls sell exclusively organic food?
a.30     b.13   c.50

5)What percentage of British men and women are considered obese?
a.43%   b.33%   c.23%

6)According to a campaign for healthy food, how many portions of fruit and vegetables we should eat every day?
a.two  b.five

7)The gray-haired woman thinks organic vegetables...
a.are healthier   b.taste better   c.are more expensive

8)A guy interviewed says that...
a.He tries to eat healthy   b.He sometimes prefers good ingredients
c.He buys food at the supermarket

9)Some people say that...
a.It's very easy to eat healthy food.   b.It's more and more difficult to eat healthy food.     c.It's not easy to eat healthy food.

10)A positive comment about organic food is that...
a.It's not expensive  b.It lasts longer   c.It has less pesticides.

11)For some people one negatives aspect of organic food is that
a.It is not tasty to eat   b.It cannot be found at the markets  
c.It is often more expensive

3.Video segment 2 : Watch the clip and read along to learn about farmers markets in the United States.

Farmers Markets in the US 
Length: 5.22 min

Watch and answer the questions below:

  • Why shop at a farmers market?
  • What are some benefits of buying at farmers markets?
  • What kind of products can you find there?

  • What new vocabulary have you learned watching this video?


4.Compare and contrast both video clips.

What do both markets have in common?
How are they different?
Is one better, more convenient, etc. than the other? How so?
Where would you rather buy? Why?

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