Food Talk

Conversation, vocabulary and video activity

Go over the following food discussion questions in small groups.

  • What do you usually have for breakfast?
  • Do you go to fast-food restaurants often?  How often do you eat out? Do you ever order food at your home?
  • What is your least favorite food?              
  • Do you think “we are what we eat”? Why (not)?

Watch the short film EAT by Rick Mereki in which 3 guys travel to 11 countries  for 44 days trying out different foods.

EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

  • What do you think of the film?
  • Can you identify the food shown?
  • Is there anything you would or wouldn’t like to try?
  • What kinds of international cuisine do you like?
Food Categories


Put the following items into each of the categories. Use a dictionary to help you.

croissants,  salad dressing,  radishes, seafood, cream, cranberries,
green beans, beef,  candy, apples, cauliflower,cookies, peppers, walnuts, cupcakes, bacon,  tunips, peas,   blackberries, cashews, parmesan, pastries,  bananas,  peanuts,   ice-cream,   oranges,     pineapples,  yogurt,  squash,     cold cuts,     almonds,   cucumbers, pecans,   tomatoes,  egg,   turkey,   bread,  ham,  potatoes,    noodles,   dried beans,   corn,   pork,   pistachios,   lobster,  pasta,  rice,  mayonnaise,  wheat,   onions,   chicken,   rye,   shortening,   oats,   corn flour,  crackers,   cherries,   cheddar,   celery,  grapefruit,  oil,    melon,  sausage,  garlic,  fish,    watermelon,   milk,  plums,  cake,  lettuce,  mozzarella,  raspberries,  cottage, cheese,  cabbage,   cherry, tomatoes,   butter,  pumpkin,  shrimp,  tuna,   strawberries,  carrots,   ricotta,    grapes,   artichoke,    sugar,  avocado,   spinach,  broccoli,   chocolate,  kiwi,   pie,   lemons,  zucchini, brownies,  limes,  syrup,  yams (sweet potatoes),   swiss cheese

TIP:  Food vocabulary can be very extensive and therefore
difficult to remember.
First, you can start memorizing those items you really like
and those you hate or are allergic to.  
Then add the rest of the words little by little.








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