The Food Issue - Answers

Food Talk

GRAINS: bread  noodles  pasta  rice  wheat  rye  oats   corn flour  crackers

MEAT:  dried beans  beef  pork  bacon  ham  chicken  egg  turkey  sausage  fish  seafood  shrimp  lobster  tuna  cold cuts   walnuts   almonds   cashews    peanuts   pecans   pistachios  (nuts belong to the meat frood group since they are considered protein)

FATS:  mayonnaise  salad dressing   oil   butter  shortening
FRUITS: cherries    apples   bananas    grapefruit    oranges     pineapples   melon   watermelon   plums   raspberries   strawberries  blackberries  cranberries   grapes   kiwi   lemons  limes

SWEETS:   sugar   cake    croissants   candy  chocolate   cookies   cupcakes   pie  pastries  ice-cream  syrup  brownies

VEGGIES:  artichoke  avocado  broccoli  cabbage  carrots  cauliflower  celery  cherry tomatoes  peas  corn  cucumbers  garlic  green beans  onions  lettuce  potatoes  pumpkin  radishes  peppers  spinach  tomatoes  tunips  yams (sweet potatoes)  squash  zucchini
DAIRY:  cottage cheese  cream  milk  yogurt   cheddar  mozzarella  swiss cheese   parmesan  ricotta

Healthy Food

Ex2:  1.c   2.b   3.b  4.a  5.c   6.b  7.b   8.a  9.c  10.b  11.c

Ex3: At farmers markets food is fresh, nutritious, delicious, locally grown, varied and at a good value. It tastes better than other food.
Farmers share information with shoppers and can answer questions about products.
You can buy fresh meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables. People can sample or try some products and children learn to like the taste of fresh products.
Buying seasonally is exciting since people can anticipate vegetables to come.
The local economy is also improved.

Anyone Can Be A Foodie

a)A foodie will never answer the question "What are you eating" with "I don't know.

b)Are there some foods you just don't like?  Or, do you happen to enjoy weird foods? That's ok. It doesn't make you any less of a foodie.

c)This doesn't mean that you can't eat flaming hot Cheetos every now and again.

d)the foodie has become a highly democratic creature.

e)what really matters to a foodie is to constantly learn about food, maximize the meal experience and, most importantly, eat well.

f)...want to have good tasting food all, or most of the time

g)Is it absolutely fundamental to know the difference between a beefsteak tomato and an heirloom tomato? No


A)Match the terms and definitions.
1.c      2.e   3.a  4.b   5.f  6.d

B)Find the phrase or combination of words with a similar meaning:
a)”most of the time”
b)”a thirst for knowledge”
c)”what really matters”
d)”every now and again”
e)”absolutely fundamental”

Food Idioms

EX.1 : Words and their stories VOA

There is no use crying over spilled milk : you should not get angry when something bad happens and cannot be changed.
To be a good egg :  to help anyone in need.
To walk on eggshells : to be careful about what we say or do.
You have to break some eggs to make an omelet :  to do what is necessary to move forward.
You are what you eat : a good diet is important for good health.
Meat and potatoes : the most important part of something.
One man’s meat is another man’s poison  : one person might like something very much while another person might hate the same thing.
The salt of the earth :  someone good and honest.
To pour salt on a wound : to make someone feel worse about something that was already a painful experience.
To take it with a grain of salt : do not believe everything you hear.
To bring home the bacon :  to make enough money to support a family.
To cut the mustard :  to do what is expected of you.
A tall drink of water : someone tall.
To be packed like sardines : to be in a very crowded place.
To be out to lunch : to be out of touch and usually not know what is going on in the office.
There is no such thing as a free lunch : something that may appear to be free of charge, but may be a hidden cost.
To wake up and smell the coffee :  to pay more attention and fix a problem.
To have egg on your face : to make a big mistake and feel foolish.
Food for thought  : something to think about.
It is not my cup of tea : I don’t like it.


1.lemon   2.biting off more than I can chew   3.have a lot on my plate  4.chew the fat   5.big cheese  6.have bigger fish to fry   7.couch potato   8.dropped a hot potato humble pie  10.that's the way the cookie crumbles.   11.hard nut to crack. like a bird   13. wants to have his cake and eat it too.   14.icing on the cake.   15.go bananas like a horse  17.bite the hand that feeds me  18.sugarcoat   19.a sweet tooth   20. piece of cake  1.butter him up a nutshell   23.Too many cooks spoil the soup/ stew. a pickle and dine bread and butter.  27.go out of the frying pan into the fire. as a cucumber. ....for breakfast  30.a rotten apple

Eating Out!

4.main course  6. check   8. junk food  10. diner  12.buffet  16. cafeteria  17. dish  19. appetizer  20. beverages 22. snack  23. fork  25. dinner  26. lunch
29. stand  30. cooker  31. waiter

1. dessert  2. picnic  3. breakfast  5. cook  7. coffee shop  9. fast-food
11.reservation  13.barbecue  15.tip  18.brunch  21.salad
24.knife  27.napkin  28.court

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