A Lifetime Experience

Video activity

“I Am LA” on vimeo.com   – length: 3 minutes

Do you think boxing is a good workout? Why? Why not?
Is is good for boys and girls? Explain.
Have you ever tried it? What was your experience like?
Would you try it?

Would you feel intimidated walking into a boxing gym in Los Angeles?
Watch the clip below. Sauchsee Larkins, who runs Broadway Boxing Gym explains what it’s like.

Are the following statements TRUE or FALSE?

a)Boxers do some routine activities everyday.

b)Sauchsee thinks that boxing is not just a sport.

c)Some kids with good school grades pay lower fees.

d)Talent, self-discipline and social values help you in this activity.

e)You don’t have to hate your opponent.

f)The number one key for Sauchsee is to accept the mixture of different nationalities.

g)The gym trainers are certified at college.

h)One trainer says that his job is to give support and teach the new ways.

i)He has come to the gym since he was a teenager and works 6 days a week now.

j)Get better with our lives is the main reason why they are all at the gym.

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