A New Approach to Fitness

Reading Comprehension Activity

Read the article below and answer the questions that follow.

Say the word "exercise" to a group of people these days and you're likely to get a wide variety of reactions. Some people will describe their workouts with a surge of energy and enthusiasm. For others, the word might bring up not-so-fond memories of high school and physical education classes. Associating exercise with negative feelings, such as shame, embarrassment or guilt, is enough to dampen anyone's
resolve to start a fitness program.

There was a time when fitness came with as many "shoulds" as diets did : You should do a certain kind of exercise; you should do a certain amount of exercise; and you should feel guilty any time you don't exercise.

Those rules have changed. What is more, the new word in exercise is "moderation". You can enjoy substantial health benefits by fitting moderate amounts of physical activity into your days. If aerobics and weight training are the only things that come to mind, think again. Traditional health club activities are just one style of movement. There are also playful activities, such as rollerblading and flying a kite. You can exercise your competitive spirit by joining a team, playing tennis or bowling on the weekends. Even chore-oriented activities like washing the car, baking bread and mowing the lawn have value.

Of course, one activity may feel pleasurable to one person and grueling to another. Just as changing your eating behavior takes time, practice and patience, so does searching for which forms of exercise best suit you; but you'll love the rewards.

                                                                         (adapted from Shape Magazine)


 1.Which is the best summary of the article?
a)If you have patience and determination, you can find a routine that suits you.
b)The concept of gym and fitness has changed.
c)People with bad experiences in sports or gym, find it difficult to keep fit.

2.Find the statements that prove the following:
a)Even small things can improve your fitness.
b)There’s people who feel optimistic about exercising.
c)Not everybody has the same opinion about sports or fitness practices.
d)In the past fitness was full of rules and prohibitions.

3.Vocabulary: Match the terms on the left to their definitions on the right.

1.“a SURGE of...”
A)Arduous, exhausting.
2.“NOT-SO-FOND memories”
B)Diminish the activity or vigor.
3.“to DAMPEN anyone's resolve”
C)Change your opinion.
4.“If... the only things that come to mind, THINK AGAIN.”
D)A wave, a movement.
5.“activity... GRUELING to another”
E)A bit tough

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