The Five Senses Issue - Solutions

Sense Verbs

Feel: b  See:d  Hear:a Taste:e  Smell:c

SEE: look, watch, gaze, glance, eye, observe, sight, stare, view
HEAR: listen, sound
FEEL: touch
SMELL: sniff

1.We need to view the house before buying it.

2.During the roleplay we’ll observe the kid's behavior.

3.After three days at sea, we sighted land.

4.I looked but saw nothing.

5.I glanced at his shoes and then looked away.

6.The dog loves to sniff the roses in the garden.

7.The kid eyed the girl's ice-cream with envy.

8.Your idea sounds interesting.

Blind Date

ExA:  1.e  2.c  3.g  4.f  5.a  6.b  7.d
ExB: 1.turned a blind eye  2.blind date 3. love is blind  4.blind luck 5. a blind spot   6. the blind leading the blind   7.blind as a bat


It's Friday morning, which is when we hear from StoryCorps. This project is traveling the country recording conversations between friends and loved ones, and today we'll hear from a couple who've been together for more than a half a century.
Mr. BEN FINN (Bernice Finn's Husband): My name is Ben Finn.
Ms. BERNICE FINN (Ben Finn's Wife): My name is Bernice Finn and I'm Ben's wife.
INSKEEP: Ben and Bernice met on a blind date. It was the end of World War II, and Ben was just coming home to Brooklyn after serving in the Army.
Mr. FINN: My two best friends were Hank and Eddie. Hank had a girlfriend. Eddie had a girlfriend. I had no girlfriend. So, Eddie approached me one day and said, would you like to join us with a blind date? So I said, sure, why not. Those days, you wore a suit and a tie when you went on a date.
Ms. FINN: Right.
Mr. FINN: I didn't have a suit to my name. So, I bought a suit to match the tie that I had.
Ms. FINN: Did it have apples on it?
Mr. FINN: It had apples on it, yes.
Ms. FINN: I remember that.
Mr. FINN: I was very nervous, and she was so pretty.
Ms. FINN: I remember that day very well. And no, you weren't pretty.  I remember Jeanette and I going into the ladies room. And she's, well, what do you think? He's nice. You know, I didn't know.
Mr. FINN: We walked out into the cold night air.
Ms. FINN: And I took your arm.
Mr. FINN: I was thrilled by that. You know, hmm, she must like me. She took my arm.
Ms. FINN: And the reason I took your arm is you seemed nervous. And I wanted to make you more comfortable. We were all hungry and we went to a coffee shop and everybody's ordering hamburgers and drinks. The orders were going around and it's Ben's turn and he doesn't order anything. And I say to myself, 'Oh, my God, I bet he doesn't have any money. So there I am, starving. And I ordered black coffee. Because I was afraid my date didn't have any money. So you owe me a hamburger.
Ms. FINN: What was the reason you didn't order anything?
Mr. FINN: I have no memory of that. Maybe it was I didn't have enough money. Maybe I was just cheap. I don't know.
Ms. FINN: OK. I'll buy that second explanation. It's been quite a ride and…
Mr. FINN: Going on 60 years, is it?
Mr. FINN: That first night, I fell in love with her, and I've been in love with her ever since.
INKSEEP: Ben and Bernice Finn at StoryCorps in New York City. Their interview will be archived with all StoryCorps interviews at the Library of Congress. And you can subscribe to the project's podcast at
INSKEEP: This is NPR News.

Already Seen

a-2  b-3  c-2 d-1 e-1

The 4 Ways Sound Affects Us

Pre-watching/ First watching:   1.F 2.T  3.T 4.T  5.F   6.F

Second watching: a)physiological  b) with being at rest, stress-free and on holiday c) Over hundreds of thousands of years we've learned that when the birds are singing, things are safe  d)No e)With techno music inside a car, the driver isn’t going to drive at low speed. We move away from unpleasant sound and towards pleasant sounds. Some sounds make you feel uncomfortable or leave. f)a store with hostile sounds loses sales and customers leave. Soundscapes can be designed to predict and affect sales results g)Music. You recognize it fast, and you associate it very powerfully  h)He recommends listening to birdsong at least five minutes a day

The Five Senses Puzzle

Across:   smell,tongue,senses,see,listen,sound,feel,hear 
Down:  sounds,look, tastes, ears, feels, hearing, sight,nose,watch

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