The Five Senses Puzzle

Vocabulary/Game activity

Use the clues below to complete the crossword puzzle.


1. Do you like the ... of onions?
3. What do you use to taste things?
7. The dog always ... when we are arriving.
8. Can you ... the cat against the window?
9. Do you like to ... to music?
13. The ... of water falling is very relaxing.
14. Babies love ... books, with different textures.
15. Can you ... birds chirping in the trees?


1. That piano ... awful. I think it's out of tune.
2. Fireworks sometimes ... like huge, exotic flowers.
3. I don't like beer, it ...bitter.
4. You use these to hear things.
5. The marble table ... cold.
6. If you don't lower the volume you are going to lose your...
10. Eagles have a great ...
11. I can't smell anything, my ... is stuffed.
12. Do you want to ... the tennis match?

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