The 4 Ways Sound Affects Us

Discussion and video activity - TED Talk 5.47 min 

Playing sound effects, Julian Treasure shows how sound affects us in four significant ways.


Would you say the following statements are TRUE or FALSE? Explain why you think so.

1.There are both pleasant and awful sounds around us but most sounds are pleasant.

2. Sounds affect your breathing.

3.For most people the sound of the ocean is soothing or relaxing.

4. Music sound affects your emotions.

5.People who work in an open-plan office are more productive because sound is not blocked.

6.Most companies, stores and brand developers use sound carefully and effectively to promote sales.

First Watching
Watch Julian Treasure’s presentation and check your answers to the previous exercise. Were you right in your predictions?

Second Watching
Watch the clip again and answer the questions below.

a)In which of the four ways does an alarm clock affect us?
b)What  do people associate the ocean with?

c)Why birds singing is a sound which most people find reassuring?
d) Can you understand two people talking at once?
e)How does sound affect our behavior?
f)Can a store/ retailer affect the behavior of customers with sound?
g)Which is the most powerful sound that there is? Why?
h)What is the final recommendation Julian gives?


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