Time Idioms & Clichés

Vocabulary activity

·        Have you ever been “in the right place at the right time”?
·        Do you agree that “there is no time like the present”?
·        A popular saying goes “Time flies when you’re having fun”.  Do you agree with it?  What situations can you think of to exemplify the idea?

Here are a few more idioms and clichés related to time. Can you match each to its right meaning? Then complete the examples below.

  1. beat the clock
forget about the time
  1. be pressed for time
The right time
  1. make good time
not have much time
  1. do sth in the nick of time
serve a prison sentence
  1. be high time
do something within the deadline
  1. be hardly the time
a past time
  1. lose track of time
an inappropriate time for something
  1. do time
be forward-thinking
  1. be ahead of one’s time
at the last possible instant
  1. a time warp
do something faster than you thought

a)Wow! You really .... It only took you 30 minutes to get here.

b)My brother Jim is so stuck in .... He still watches Little House on the Prairie reruns! Can you believe it?
c)I'm so sorry but I’m a bit .... right now. Can we chat tomorrow?

d)Our next door neighbor is .... for burglary. Can you believe it?

e)We arrived at the airport .... and fortunately could board.

f)You graduated five years ago already. It's .... you got a job!

g)We managed to .... and got everything finished in time.

h)I was so engrossed watching Game of Thrones that I ....

i)That designer is definitely .... He's always got so many fascinating ideas.

j)With so many deadlines and pending jobs, this is ..... to go for drinks.

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