Think You're Multitasking? Think Again

Jon Hamilton – National Public Radio

Listening and discussion activity

“Multitasking” is defined as doing multiple tasks at one time. For instance
speaking on the phone while cooking and checking email.

Do you multitask? How?

Does technology allow multitasking more today than in the past?  Explain.

Some people think you waste more time than you save when you are multitasking. Why? Why not?

Listen to the report and answer the questions below.

1.What do researchers say about multitasking?
a)It’s part of our evolution. They have data to prove it.    b)It’s a myth. We only switch attention to tasks extremely quickly.

2.How do waiters handle their jobs?
a)They need speed and accuracy.  b)They need to be experts multitasking.

3.At lunchtime customers...
a)have errands, go to the bank, pick up dry cleaning and eat.  b) answer e-mails speak on the phone, schedule appointments while driving and listening to the radio.

4. Is Multitasking a human delusion?
a)Yes. B)Maybe.

5.How is the test being done at University of Michigan?
a)Green and red cards are used to discriminate visual information.  b)A scanner photographs the brain as people do different tasks.

6.What is our brain’s role in evolution?

a)Controlling how our brain responds has helped us evolve as humans.   b)We have larger brains nowadays and that has helped us hunt instead of becoming a tiger's lunch.

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