Air Idioms

Vocabulary activity

A) Study the following idiomatic expressions related to the air.

A breath of fresh air : refreshing, something different that makes you feel better.

Air (your) dirty laundry in public : talk about private matters in front of other people.

Air (your) grievances : complain; let people know what you are unhappy about.

Build castles in the air : make plans based on fantasy

Clear the air : to speak honestly and openly in order to resolve a difference

Disappear/ vanish into thin air : disappear unexpectedly and surprinsingly.

Full of hot air : be exaggerating, tell lies, say things that are not true.

Gasp/pant for air : be short of breath after running or exercising.

Out of thin air : unexpected, appearing surprisingly, out of nothing.

Put on airs : believe too much of yourself, show off.

Walk on air : feeling light and happy.

B) Complete the following sentences with one, two or more words related to the idioms above:

1.We need to sit down after this horrible misunderstanding and ... the air.
2.Yesterday we were talking about Johnny and he appeared ... air.
3.My brother says he’ll have a coffee-shop, then a music store, next an ice-cream parlor.  It seems like he’s always ... air.
4.His songs are so original. They are ... air.
5.I’m in good shape, I guess I could run a couple of kilometers without ... air.
6.Helen was so happy to be pregnant. Both she and her husband are .... air.
7.My coworker Joshua as a particular hobby, He loves airing ... He’s so annoying sometimes.
8.I left my keys right on the table but I cannot find them. They have ... air.
9.I don’t get along with people who are too vain and ... airs.
10. You’re always saying we’ll do this and that, go here and there but then you dont have time. You’re just ... air.
11. Can we talk about it in private, mom? I hate airing ...

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