Conquering the Air: the Wright Brothers

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Smithsonian Channel -  length 3.35 min.

The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur were two American brothers, inventors, and aviation pioneers who built the world's first successful airplane.


Watch the clip produced by the Smithsonian and answer whether the statements below are TRUE or FALSE. Correct the wrong ones.

  1. What the Ohio brothers needed to pursue their dream was patience. 
  2. They ran a modest bicycle shop and printing press in Dayton.
  3. Their shop was later demolished.
  4. They first discovered that control and balance was the easiest part.
  5. Their first attempts unmanned gliders stood in the air for just a minute.
  6. In October 1905 Orville flew their hand-made plane for 29 minutes.
  7. The Wright brothers' Model B Flyer was mass produced 5 years later.
  8. They sold the model at 50,000 dollars in 1910. 
  9. Henry Ford bought the first model.
  10. The Wright Brothers sold 100 flyers exclusively to the Army.
  11. A replica of the Model B Flyer can be flown over Dayton since 1982.
  12. Another name for the Model B replica is the black bird.
  13. Unlike the original, this replica has two seats.
  14. The original was made of steel.
  15. The original plane touched down or landed on rubber tyres.
  16. They never left their native Ohio 
  17. The Wright Brothers knew that success was based on machinery 

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