Crime Puzzle

Vocabulary activity
Use the clues below to complete the crossword puzzle.

Across :
2. Lying when testifying in court. 4. Killing a leader or important person (usually for political reasons). 5. An attempt to acquire information (and sometimes, indirectly, money) such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details. 7. To attack or intentionally hurt another person. 10. To kill another person with premeditation (with planning). 12. Intimidation for money to quiet an informer. 14. Sneaking illegal items from one country to another. 15. Stealing from others (includes burglary, pick-pocketing, robbery, etc.) 17. Writing another person’s signature (on a contract or check, for example). 20. A fraudulent business scheme or trick. 22. To use fire to destroy something. 23. Stealing items from a store.

Down :
1. Destroying another person’s or public property. 2. To intimidate passers-by on the street and beg from them. 3. To assault or threat by violence upon a person, especially with intent to rob. 5. A thief who holds up or assaults to grab someone's purse. 6. Taking control of an airplane or other vehicle by force. 8. The killing of another person without premeditation (without planning) 9. Breaking into a house or building, usually to steal something. 11. Using force or threats to directly steal money from another person. 13. Taking a person (often a child) and demanding money. 15. Going onto another person’s property without permission. 16. Using threats or violence against innocent people for political/ religious reasons. 18. a person who engages in fraud. 19. A thief who steals money by taking it from other people’s pockets.
21. Paying money to influence a government official.

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