Solutions - The Crime & Punishment Issue

Discussing Crime

A)  A.3  B.4  C.1  D.5  E.6  F.2
B)  1.h 2.d  3.g  4.a  5.c  6.e  7.f  8.b

Crime Idioms

1.partner in crime.  2. the show. thick as thieves 4. behind bars  5.poacher turning gamekeeper.   6.steal prisoners.  8.stool pigeon  9.get away with murder  10.highway robbery  11.honor among thieves. 12.out like a bandit sheriff in town   14.rob you blind   15.the cradle.

Crime Puzzle

Across: 2.perjury         4.assassination         5.phishing         7.assault         10.murder         12.blackmail         14.smuggling         15.theft         17.forgery         20.scam         22.arson         23.shoplifting     
Down:   1.vandalism         2.panhandle         3.mug         5.pursesnatcher         6.hijacking         8.manslaughter         9.burglary         11.robbery         13.kidnapping         15.trespassing         16.terrorism         18.fraudster         19.pickpocketer         21.bribery

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