The Year-End Issue - Solutions

New Year's Eve

Pre-reading questions

1.a 2.a 3.b  4.b  5.b  6.a  7.b 8.a

New Year In Times Square

Part A:  1.Porta-Potties 2. Party props  3.Fireworks  4 Party hat   5.Sparkling wine     6. Confetti  7.Snacks 8.LED  9.Baloons 10. Cheerleaders

Mentioned in the report: 1, 4, 6, 8, and 9.

Part B
1.It takes a year of planning.    2. more than a billion people around the world. 3.Close to a million people.  4. 32,000 LED lights.  5.Confetti is dropped from seven buildings and from an eighth floor window onto Times Square, over and over to check that it floats and is fluffy.  6.People write their wishes on pieces of confetti.  7.Tourists get their pictures taken in front of a replica of The Time Square Ball.    8.The first ball drop took place in 1907, after fireworks were banned. It's also an old nautical tradition.   9.About 30,000 Nivea hats that will be given.  10.To celebrate the Year of the Snake and because the previous year half a billion Chinese tuned in to the event.  11.Porta-Potties or portable restrooms.  12.In the 70’s there were horses, people worried. Now security is better. There is no alcohol. Police divide up the crowd surrounded by safety lanes. In 2002, there were still one or two retail stores that put up plywood over their windows since they were smashed.

Auld Lang Syne

Find the 5 mistakes.
1.during the New Year’s celebration remember old friends means "long, long ago" or "days gone by."
4.The poem is thought to be composed by Robert Burns 1788

Idioms With The Word END

1. odds and ends   2. loose ends the end of my rope  4. the short end of the stick     5. at a dead end. 6.see beyond the end of his nose.  7.never hear the end of it.  8.a means to an end   9.the end justifies the means  10. light at the end of the tunnel .  11.end in tears. 12.End of story! 13.make ends meet. 14.the end of the world.  15.the candle at both ends

The End of the Year Crossword

Across:  4. The End   5.  Lady  8. Time  9.  Best  13.December  15. Confetti  17. Santa Claus  18. Hanukkah  19. Firework  20. Countdown
Down:  1. Period  2. New Year's Eve  3.Celebrate  4. Toast  6. Stroke  7. Times Square  10. Resolutions  11. Beans  12. Christmas  14. Song  16. Game over

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