Student Project

Songs are heard on the radio, on television, everywhere. 
The words or lyrics are often poetry of a special kind. 
They may be rhymed or unrhymed, serious or amusing, 
and often, written to inform about social conditions, 
personal situations or emotions.


You will :    
...analyze or look closely at the lyrics of a song of your choice.

...complete the worksheet, and submit it to your teacher on/before the deadline.

...present the song to the class.


Native speakers often make grammatical errors, but are unaware of them.  DON'T is regularly used instead of DOESN'T

This can occur for one or both of the following reasons:
Þ     poor education
Þ     regional variation

Some songs contain slang that not even native speakers know.


-Team up with a classmate or work alone.
-Choose a song you like.
-Find a copy of the lyrics online. Try or other sites.
-Read the lyrics first and try to understand them. You don’t have to translate the lyrics word by word, just try to find out what the song is all about.
-Look up the meaning of words or phrases in a dictionary. Pick some words or phrases from the song that you would like to learn.
-Complete the worksheet
-Get your chosen song in a pendrive, CD or let your teacher know which song you have chosen.
-Bring the lyrics with you, and present the song to the class and all you have learned about it.

TIP :   As a student you should learn at least  8 to 10 new words a week.
Songs are a good way to do it.

  1. Title, author and date of song:
  2. What is the mood or genre of the music? 
  3. Is there a message or emotion the song is trying to convey? If so, what?
  4. Are there any words or phrases that need specific interpretation? If so, identify and define them.
  5. What are some of the strong words used to convey the message of this song? (Look for verbs and adjectives with the nouns they modify.)
  6. Do the lyrics have any “secret message” or symbolic meaning? If so, what?
  7. Is there any historical event portrayed in this song?
  8. If you could choose another title for this song, what would it be?
  9. Do you agree with the writer? Why or why not?

 Make sure the contents are appropiate!!!!   Deadline: _______________________

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