Dog Crossword Puzzle

Vocabulary/Game activity

Use the clues below to complete the crossword puzzle.


2. the loud, sharp sound a dog makes.
3. a cute young dog.
6. what dogs wagg when they are happy.
7. you use this to walk a dog. (pl)
9. sit, heel and stay are... (pl)
11. dog's hair.
12. to follow or go after someone or something you want like dogs after cats.
13. dog house.


1. roll over, shake hands, say hello are... (pl)
3. a dog's "hands" or "feet". (pl)
4. a domesticated animal; also to stroke or caress gently.
5. to go and get something. "Go ...!" What you might shout after your dog while throwing a stick into the yard.
8. dog doctor.
10. smell lie a dog does.

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