Solutions #43 The Dog Issue

Wet Noses

Introduction: Dogs sniff to identify, and to determine whether or not there is danger.

1.F “a dog's wet nose helps capture scents in the air”   2.T  3.T  4.T  5.F the opposite is true  6.T   7.F   8.T  9.T   10.F  the opposite is true that’s why they can smell someone coming.  11.F Dogs have a special organ to detect hormones.  12.T

Why Dogs Bury Bones & Hide Things

I)1.T  2.T  3.F  4.NG 5.T
II)1.e  2.c  3.a  4.b  5.d

Dog Idioms

1.doggy bag  2.sick as a dog’s life teachan old dog new tricks. 5.has its day  6.dogging my dog never bites the dogs  10.a bad name  11.underdog   12.sleeping dogs lie   13. a dog with two tails 14.cats and dogs days  16.a catsuit eat dog  18.doggone

Dog Rides The Bus

1.It all started when Eclipse refused to wait for her owner to finish a cigarette before getting on the bus that takes them to a dog park they regularly visit.
2.She gets on in front of her house and she gets off at the dog park, three or four stops later.
3.Some are surprised. She makes everybody happy. People greet her with a smile.
4.She sits just like a person does next to a passenger and / or  next to the window to see where she needs to get off.

Riddle: You should never take a dog to the Flea Market.

Dog Crossword Puzzle

Across: 2.bark 3.puppy 6.tail 7.leashes 9.commands 11.fur 13.kennel
Down: 1.tricks 3.paws 5.fetch 8.veterinarian  10.sniff

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