Dog Idioms

Vocabulary Activity

English has several idiomatic expressions related to dogs. These are a few popular ones.

a dog's life: constantly worried, troubled or miserable

as sick as a dog: very ill

barking dog seldom/never bites: people who look aggressive are not really too bad

dog days: Hot, sultry summer weather; also, a period of stagnation.

dog eat dog: (adj) when people compete against each other and do anything
to get what they want; a dog eat dog world/situation

dog in a catsuit: A cat that appears to be rather too large to be a cat.

doggone: damned ( as an exclamation).

doggy bag: small bag for taking home the food that is left over from a meal in a restaurant

every dog has his day: everyone can succeed sooner or later

It's raining cats and dogs:  (old-fashioned) something that you say when it is raining very heavily

love me, love my dog: if one loves somebody, one should love everyone and
everything associated with him

the underdog: a person or team that is weaker than the others, and is always expected to be unsuccessful

to be like a dog with two tails: to be very happy

to dog it: to work lazily

to give a dog a bad name (and hang him): once a person has lost his reputation, it's difficult to regain it.

to go to the dogs:  for an organization to become less efficient

to let sleeping dogs lie: to let it be quiet

you can't teach an old dog new tricks: it's difficult for an old person to change or do new things

Complete the following sentences with words related to the idioms above.

  1. We couldn’t finish our meal at the restaurant so we asked the waiter for a ....

  1. She was as... after eating so much at the banquet.

  1. He's been leading a... since his wife left him.

  1. Ben doesn't like sports, he's not very interested in them. As they say, it’s hard...

  1. They may not listen to me now, but just wait, every dog ....

  1. Ellie doesn’t work very hard. She’s always checking her Twitter status.  She’s always ..... it!

  1. I know I'm old fashioned, and have strange habits but my wife puts up with me. You know, “love me...”

  1. Mom likes to yell at us but we know she’s harmless. A barking....

  1. Since the recession the company is going...

  1. Even though the scandal was clarified, Jen was never trusted again. I guess it’s what the say: Give a dog...

  1. I usually root for the ... instead of the favorite.

  1. Rob did not pass his driving test and he feels embarrassed. Don’t say anything, let...

  1. My team won the championship! I’m like...  

  1. It's raining .... out there! We’d better stay.

  1. It's so hard to get much work done during the... of Summer.

  1. I thought it was a dog but no, it's just a dog in....!

  1. The financial industry here is very competitive. It’s a .... world.

  1. This .... wi-fi connection is always down! How annoying!

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