Why Dogs Bury Bones & Hide Things

Reading & vocabulary activity

°    Do you have a dog? Did you have a dog growing up? 
°    What is/was he/she like? 
°    Does/ did your dog play tricks, steal things, have a special talent? 
°    Why do you imagine dogs need to bury or hide bones and objects?

Read the text below and find the answer to the last question. Then, work on comprehension and vocabulary.

It seems funny that some dogs bury or hide keys, shoes, gloves, hats, their favorite bones or chew toys, only to dig them up a day or two later.

There is actually a reason behind why dogs bury their bones. It is just in their nature and it dates back from the time when they lived in the wild. Food was often hard to find, and even if a dog was lucky enough to capture something to eat, he had to compete with other dogs to keep it.  To keep other dogs and animals from stealing their meat, dogs would bury it in the ground. When it was time for the next meal, they would dig up their bones and enjoy them again. This would continue until the meat and bones were gone.

Even though most dogs have plenty of food to eat today, their instincts still tell them to bury their bones and favorite toys.  Their natural instinct still rises to the surface in modern day canines.  So, don’t get angry with your pooch the next time you discover the TV remote at the bottom of the laundry basket or your phone under the couch cushion.  As they say “Old habits die hard”.

Adapted from American Kennel Club, Modern Dog Magazine & Wikipedia

I)Reading Comprehension:  Say whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE according to the text, or if the information is NOT GIVEN.

1.This behavior of hiding and recovering bones etc. can be surprising for people.

2.A part of dog’s wild side still remains.

3.Food finding was relatively easy in the past.

4.Dogs with a big appetite tend to hide bones.

5.It’s difficult to change an habit.

II)Vocabulary:  Match the terms/phrases to their definitions. Find the examples in the text to help you.

1.Dig up
a. Opposite of allow, let or permit
2.There is a reason behind...
b. Become visible
3.Keep (someone) from doing (something)
c. It isn’t a coincidence
4.Rise to the surface
d. It’s not easy to change a practice or behavior.
5.Old habits die hard
e. Opposite of bury

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