The Boat Issue - Answers

Boat Types

1.canoe 2. ferry  3.freighter  4.barge 5.houseboat liner  7.sailboat  8.raft  9.motorboat  10.steamboat 11.galleon  12.warship

Story Of A Steamboat On The Mississippi River

1) 3,730 km (2,320 miles)  2) 10 states: Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  3) Mark Twain

1. half  2. transported  3. boats  4. of  5. people  6. days  7. captain  8. towns  9. played  10. sails  11. went  12. build  13. right  14. movies  15. current  16. country  17. true  18. showing  19. reason  20. dance  21. Big  22. down  23. way  24. live

Life on a Boat

Video segment:
1.T  2.F (once every 2 or 3 days)  3.F (he dates but he doesn’t commit to someone because of his lifestyle)  4.F (it was his grandfather)  5.F (There’s always a way to find money)  6.T  7.T  8.T  9.F (it was around Puerto Rico)  10.F (fruits and vegetables) 11.F  12.T

Boat Idioms

1.f  2.c 3.j  4.p  5.a  6.k  7.d  8.l  9.h  10.b   11.o  12.e  13.n  14.g  15.i  16.m

If you miss the boat, you miss a good opportunity by acting too slowly.
If you sail through something, you deal with it easily.
If you knock or take the wind out of somebody’s sails, you make them less confident or humiliate them.
If you go overboard, you do too much or be extravagant.
If you are forced to walk the plank, you are in a bad situation that has no solution and will suffer the consequences.
If you say “that ship has sailed”, you are clear that the time has passed or the opportunity is lost.
If you say “that ship is in my harbor”, you grab the opportunity.
If you sail close to the wind, you are close to doing something illegal or saying something improper.
If you are on a slow boat to China, you’re taking a long time to do or get something.
If you are just off the boat, you are a newcomer or gullible and naive.
If you do whatever floats your boat, you do what makes you happy
If you burn your boats, you commit to a destination ahead or course.
If you rock the boat, you disturb a stable situation. 
If you learn the ropes, you learn to do something new.
If you think or say ‘any port in a storm’, you accept any solution.
If you are in the same boat (as someone), you are in the same situation or having the same problem.

A. in the same  B. off the  C. Overboard  D. has sailed  E. boat to China  F. miss the boat  G. rock the  H. the wind out I. in my harbor   J. floats your  K.your boats  L. the plank  M. any port  N. the ropes O. Through  P. to the wind

Boat Crossword Puzzle

Across: 3.rowboat   5.boat  7.rudder  9.anchor 12.stern  13.ferry 14.mast
Down: 1.houseboat  2.harbor 4.captain  6.crew  8.overboard  11.raft  12.sails

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