Lazy Terms

Vocabulary & listening activity

Lazy: not liking to work hard or to be active, not having much activity.

Here are a few synonyms of the word LAZY. Work with a dictionary to clarify the meanings.

dull         indifferent           lethargic          passive            sleepy        tired        drowsy           indolent             lifeless           slothful    slow-moving        snoozy           somnolent          unindustrious

When we LAZE (v) we dawdle, delay or waste time. Here are other ways to say the same.

bum around        dally        dilly-dally        drag        fool around
hang around       hang out       loiter         procrastinate       shlep
sit around       sit on one's butt        warm a chair

Find examples in your dictionary and write a few of your own.

Listening activity: Word Stories, the origin of some popular expressions: Couch Potato and how we use our time!



1.Couch Potato

A)Someone who enjoys working on computers
2.Mouse potato

B)Someone who feels lonely because the children are grown up and left the family home.
3.A person who gets “Cabin fever”

C)Someone who likes to spend a lot of time sitting or lying down, watching television.
4.Empty nester

D)Someone who feels bored because of spending too much time inside the house, especially in winter.

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