The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

Discussion, vocabulary and listening activity

A)Discussion: get together with two or three partners and talk about the ideas below. Alternatively, answer the questions individually in writing.

  • What would do on a day off?
  • Would you stay home, go somewhere..? How would you spend a lazy day?
  • Name at least 10 typical activities for you that you would NOT do.
  • Is it lazy the same as being unproductive? Why (not)?
  • How do you feel about taking time off to do nothing?  Why?

. B)The song:  Watch the video and work on the lyrics.

Length:  3.12 mnutes -  Fair warning! the lyrics might be unsuitable for under 17.

Vocabulary: Many terms in the song are slang or very informal. Look at the definitions below.

Wanna - used in writing or speaking to represent the sound of the phrase want to when it is spoken.

‘Cause - an abbreviation of the word “because”.

Gonna - used in writing or speaking to represent the sound of the phrase going to when it is spoken quickly.

Loungin - to sit or lie in a relaxed way.

Chillin - to relax or to be calm.

Snuggie - A long sleeved blanket.

Dougie - A hip hop dance performed by moving one’s body in a shimmy.

Freakin’ - Freaking (used as an adverb meaning “very”).

Ain’t - Ain’t is usually regarded as an error, but it is common in the very informal speech of some people and it is also used in informal and humorous phrases.

Pops - Dad or father.

Birthday suit - If you are wearing your birthday suit, you are naked.

Hang loose - To be free and relaxed.

What do you think of the song, the topic, the lyrics?

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